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We are farmers

With our multiple vineyard locations, we are able to cultivate the best grapes in the best climate. The Okanagan has optimal temperatures for many grapes especially our icewine grapes which need to reach freezing temperatures before harvesting. Here in Richmond, we grow two varieties that thrive in the cooler climate of the Lower Mainland.

We work to honour the ground that provides us with fruit for our wine. We understand the importance of the earth and our duty to preserve it. This is why we have a full circle farm that puts as much back into the soil as it takes. Our grape must and biodegradable waste is placed back into our land to enrich the soil and reduce waste.


Who we are

In 1998, our founders John and Allison Chang moved to Canada from Taiwan. In 2001, they started their first winery in Richmond called Blossom Winery where they focused on fruit wines and Icewines.

Over time, they were able to establish themselves in the APAC market where they exported quality Canadian wines. As they continued to grow, John expanded his portfolio of wines to include table wines.

In 2006, John and Allison found the parcel of land where we reside today. They planted Richmond’s first ever vineyard while designing the beautiful building. After three years, they opened the doors to the community on Canada Day weekend in 2009.

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