About Us

At one time, Lulu Island was known as Blossom Winery. Blossom was well renowned for its quality fruit wines and icewines throughout North America, as well as Asia. But our winemaker wanted more; he wanted to apply his talents towards making table wines! So Blossom underwent a transformation. We built a new 7 million dollar facility just outside of Richmond and changed our name to Lulu Island Winery, in honour of the land we built our winery on. The island of Richmond, just south of Vancouver, BC was once named Lulu Island. IRumor has it that the name Lulu came from the mistress of a great Duke who first pioneered this land. That of course, caused a huge scandal and the name had to be changed to what we now know as Richmond.
Now, Lulu Island Winery is the newest and largest winery in Richmond! It produces many quality wines including red and white table wines, fruit wines, and Canada’s very own icewines.  All of Lulu Island's quality wines are produced on site, using only the best grapes from the Okanagan and the best berries from the Fraser Valley. We are dedicated to the production of flavorful and aromatic wines and are proud to sport the VQA stamp on all of our bottles.
We have the latest equipment in the art of wine making. Our tanks are custom built, and temperature controlled. We are equipped with the latest European bottling and labeling equipment. Bottling is conducted in a totally sterile environment, and corked under a vacuum, which enhances long storage and aging. Our winemaker has over 30 years experience crafting fine wines. In his humble beginnings he first learned to create wine with his grandmother. Then, after moving to Canada, John  studied with many notable winemakers. He now combines Chinese traditional wine making methods with modern Western technology and equipment. All our wines are put through a slow cool fermentation process that helps bring out the natural flavours of the fruit, whether it is grapes, blueberries or even raspberries. We welcome you to our tasting room to come experience wines that truly reflect the wonderful fruits that British Columbia has to offer.

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